Saturday, 25 August 2012

Use Text Upsidedown

Just go to and type your text in the input box and copy the text from there and paste in in your chat box and make your chating more intresting.


Place Facebook Chat on Firefox Sidebar

Coooolllllllll Trick....

Open Mozilla Firefox browser and press Alt key.

Select bookmarks and select "show all bookmarks"

A box will open from that select unsorted bookmarks > organise >  new bookmark.

 Again a box will open in that type "facebookchat" in first boxand type " " in second box .

Click on load this bookmark >add.

Now again press alt key > view > side bar > bookmarks>.

Then select facebook chat from the bookmarks in slide bar.

You are done.Now you will be able to see chat bar on the left side of your Mozilla Firefox Browser.


Friday, 24 August 2012

Type With Different Fonts In chat

This trick works not only in facebook but for all websites.To impress your friends and your dear ones try typing with different fonts ℓιкє тнιѕ , lเкє tђเร ,1!k3 7h!5  oɹ 1ıʞǝ ʇɥıs.Go to this website: NameFunk and type the text in the box.Copy the desired style and paste it in your facebook chat box.