Sunday, 12 May 2013

Once again Facebook Conversation hack...:)

How to create Fake Facebook conversation:
Let us get into the steps for using the fake conversation generator.
1. Go to Fakeconvos and login with your Facebook account.
2. Hit on “Create” in top header bar to see:

3. Enter the Name of commenter. For image, hit on Browse and you will see a new panel for selecting image. You can use their image library or the best way is to use Google to search for image of your specific person. Images will be cropped automatically to suit the profile.
4. Enter the comment and hit on “Add to Stream”. To add a new comment, follow the same procedure.
5. Once you are done with creating the fake conversation, hit on “Save it”. To publish it on your Facebook profile, check “Auto publish to Facebook”. You can even take a snapshot and share it on Facebook.
Using this Fakeconvos, you can easily create funny conversations and get lots of likes.

...Be happy...:)